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(US) New Raid Static Forming: looking for members


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We are 4/10 thus far and looking for more. The four of us already in the group are guild mates and looking to push into the raid scene. A few of us already have some raid experience in GW2 (I've done spirit vale). Understand that if you apply and are accepted, this is a learning experience, and we are not expecting to speed through all raids. However, we do want to see steady progress, and we expect to see individual performance to match that. Moreover, the most important thing for being part of this group is consistency, i.e., showing up on time every time. We understand that sometimes life gets in the way and will cause you to miss a night here or there; that is fine. If the aforementioned is the case, simply let us know; that's what subs are for. What is not fine is applying for the group, doing a few runs with us and then dropping off without any notice. Aside from consistency, the most important things to us are that you are learning mechanics steadily and are able to keep up. Aside from performance, we ask that you bring a positive and ready-to-learn attitude when showing up for raid. Keep in mind, all applications are just that, applications. All prospectives will be on a trial basis to ensure that they mesh well with our core group of guildies. All applicants are welcome to join our guild, and good fits for the static will be encouraged to do so but not required.

Our tentative raid schedule is as follows:Monday, Wednesday, Thursday from 7-9 PM CSTAs soon as the group is filled with prospectives, we will plan to start the following week.Current roles we already have filled:

  1. Main heal druid (able to off spec Power and condi slb)
  2. Banner warrior
  3. Quickbrand
  4. Our fourth member is flexible and will fill based on what we end up with.

Specific roles we need filled:

  1. Boon chronomancer
  2. Secondary healer (prefer firebrand or renegade but will consider others)
  3. Alacrigade4-6. Power/Condi dps (need to have builds ready for both)

If you are interested, message dhayes#8555 on discord with your ign, class/desired role and any prior raid experience whether it be in GW2 or not. All relevant experience will be considered. Whichever class you aim to raid with, we expect that you have it geared properly, and by applying you are indicating as much.

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