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Solo Roaming with Scourge


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Any advice?

I've been solo roaming with Reaper in WvW for a long time, and would like a fun change of pace with Scourge.

What's a fun optimal build for WvW Solo Roaming Scourge?

(Also, another sub-question, anyone have a good build using Feed from Corruption grandmaster trait? boon stealing would be a super cool build to try)

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Hello, thought I would reply you here in your thread.

Thoughts on Solo Roaming

It is unfortunately tough roaming as a Scourge especially if alone and I don't suggest solo roaming as they are very weak to range kiting classes...so your experience as a Scourge could swing from good to bad sharply depending on the type of enemies you encounter.A few words sums this up: Strong against melee, weak against range. If you do not mind such a contrasting experience, then go ahead and have a blast.

I would suggest building to maximize your close-range prowess so that you have an even stronger edge against melee foes. I don't suggest building to try and cater for range opponents because bad range opponents will still get beaten regardless and good ones will hardly lose to Scourge. If you really want to try taking on range foes, I would suggest traiting Sand Savant instead of Demonic Lore as the added damage reduction and radius goes a long way in catching the foe with your shade skills.

I theory crafted a build to maximize our close range prowess that you could try (Link here). I won't be trying it myself though as I dislike the contrasting experiences of fights against range/melee foes. Let me know your thoughts if you do try it =p

Thoughts on Small group Roaming

If you're into small group fights though, whether with your own guild or just running around and joining fights with random server players, it feels like quite a strong class and should work pretty well. Scourge needs allies to cover for their lack of mobility, more so than Reaper. In return, Scourge can offer so much more to allies than a Reaper.

I will suggest checking out vT guild's Helly/Hobozert channel on YT as he is a pretty decent group roamer. You could see how he kites and survives in group fights especially when he is focused and what skills he cast in what order. His latest video

fresh out of the oven!

My thoughts on small group roaming/fights though is that a tankier support build is probably best as skilled coordinated enemy opponents will target you and you need to have the ability to survive. Possibly a mix of Shaman/Apothecary gear. The way to fight would be to focus more on supporting your allies than damaging your enemies. And when focused, kite and try to stay with your allies as your defenses can still help your allies greatly. I usually duo roam with a friend but I've not really tried yet to build properly for small group roaming.

I theory crafted a build (Link here) for small group fights which I've not tested but intend to. Will try and do up a video guide for small group fights in future if able. The build looks like it may have problems generating Lifeforce though and will require good Lifeforce management...will need testing.

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I do solo roaming with my scrouge and I'm using this build from Metabattle, but atm with runes of the necromancer for a little more life:https://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Scourge_-_Condition_ScourgeAs skill 9 I use the serpent siffon. It's quite fun, but you need some experience when to trigger which skill.As Skill 8 I use the corrosive poison field to absorb projectiles to have a chance against long bow rangers.Gear is trailblaizers stats, weapons are viper, amulet was carrion for another bonus life points

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Honestly solo roaming on scourge is similar to the mindset you need when solo roaming on every necro spec (at least from my experience). You have the range disadvantage against classes like deadeye and ranger so you need to play around your surroundings well and know how to use the LoS. One benefit you get is taking the portal which allows you to both use it offensively to engage and also to position yourself better around LoS. As others have mentioned, your biggest strength is your PbAoE and close range ability through shades so positioning yourself during fights to get opponents to play into your hands is critical. Now solo roaming is really my first love in WvW, so I find solo roaming on scourge enjoyable, but you do have to have the right mindset whenever you solo roam on scourge (or reaper or base) where you don't get easily frustrated by bad matchups.

As for feed from corruption, I tested the trait while solo roaming and from my experience it was the weakest of the 3 choices for GMs overall. First, I found it required the use of axe in order to gain extra corrupts so you have to either swap out staff or scepter, which both have their downsides to removing. You really don't have a ton of corrupts with scourge (damn you anet for changing the signet trait, it would've been awesome with this trait). Second (and probably most importantly), you take a GM that only helps you against certain classes that use useful boons and then its still a requirement that you actually do rip them. Most of the classes that use boons (engi, guard, ele, rev in particular) are already good matchups for you as scourge and the other classes that use boons (warrior primarily) use boons that are useful to themselves (resistance and fury) for the matchup but aren't quite as useful to necros. I found that using demonic lore was superior since your damage is tied to your sustainability through parasitic contagion and gaining more damage and healing for effectively free was more useful in more fights.

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