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so what looks stronk

Stand The Wall.6987

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First impressions:

-Condi didn't nerfed nearly as much as Power did, and as a result the game is unfortunately in a less skill-based state then what it was. Why play a build that requires timing when you can just get build-carried by the plethora of easy to land abilities that condi specs generally come with?-CCs that require timing to land like Prime light beam, surge of the mists, etc. are very underpowered skills right now. meanwhile short/quick CCs are significantly stronger now due to less stunbreaks and stab.-Lots and lots of bugs. Many of the new traits either do not work right or flat out do nothing.-As predicted, a lot of the random CD increases just lead to slow gameplay and did nothing to reduce spammy gameplay.-As predicted, +1ing someone is more effective

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@otto.5684 said:Meh.. I said I would not, but played 5 games. It is basically HoT at release. Bunker meta. Nothing dies + condi spam from FB, condi rev and necros. Power builds deal relatively no damage.

And it is exactly as predicted...

Personally it feels less bunkery that HoT. Only power builds I see working is spellbreaker, shatter mesmer, sw/d thief, lb ranger. Basically, if it doesnt got burst it isnt gonna do much

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from 1day I gathered couple of things.1 mirage sucks2 crono sucks ( no big suprise )3 core mes might have some hidden potential, but i doubt it, medicore/bad4 FB utterly broken no big suprise there5 nobody plays thief ( no sweaty tryhards yet )6 meta warrior feels the same7 Core necro takes no damage unless 1v2/1v38 Alot of weird elementalists9 engi still heals to full with every healing turret10 core mes can still 1shot out of stealth if stars align ( they propably wont )11 new mes trait is bugged plz fix12 some pets still do like 10k dmg?

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