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New Warclaw Skin is Unacceptable

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No beans. No paw pads. No goods.

de5eiov.pngOf all the minor details you've neglected to include, this is where I draw the line.

Now you've done it.

Beans are the most important part of any feline, especially larger felines such as the Warclaw, and here's why:

Paw pads "act as a cushion for the load-bearing limbs of the animal" - Wikipedia. In other words, the beans will be what ensures that your big buff Norn guy doesn't put too much strain on the poor creature's feet when it's carrying you and your legendary greatsword(s) to Lion's Arch from Ascalon.

On top of that, they look absolutely fantastic. Take a look:eCduD0y.png

How can you neglect to add such an important feature? This is absolutely outrageous. Surely this is fixable? Surely there will be justice for beans in an upcoming patch?

I demand answers, Aenet!

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No! Not the paw pads! Save the eenie-meenie jelly beanies!

We should all get on our warclaws and walk in a circle around Lion's Arch in protest. While stopping frequently to remove splinters from our poor warbearhyenasquishface's paw pads...or lack thereof.

Edit: My bad, thought this was talking about the gem store warclaw skin (hence the, uh, warbearhyena...thing). This is the guild leopard, I take it?

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@Funky.4861 said:In what country are paw-pads called 'beans'? That seems silly, unless talking about small cats and even then, it's weird to call an aninal part after a vegetable when they already have a name.

They are little toe jelly beans because when your sweet little fluffy(monster) is making biscuits (kneading/smurgling) and falls asleep afterwards with their adorable little paws (scar makers) in the air, their cute little toes are so adorable you just want to eat them up. Like the Easter jelly beans my roommate ate a whole bag of yesterday....

Though I would resist the urge. We all know where those paws have been....

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@"Kienda.4187" said:Beans, beans the wonderful fruit, the more you eat the more you toot, the more you toot the better you feel, so eat your beans with every meal.

Give our Warclaws beans, Anet.

(secretly hopes that the warclaw is updated with beans and also a "toot" animation whenever the warclaw is propelled forward)

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