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Theres other things than FB/Necro that is busted. Just about every condi bunker spec for all classes is busted. You can bring all your cleanses but then you wont be able to damage them enough to kill them. If you run into a group of 4-5 condi bunkers no amount of cleanses is going to keep you from going down fast if they focus you.

All the condi bunker specs have to do is keep bombarding you through your cleanses until you eventually have all of them on cooldown and then they kill you because they can just spam condis all day. The amount of reapplication of condis is really busted and has been for a while, this patch just brings it to the light more.

I have heard they have a condi rework patch in the pipeline, but they really needed to balance condis along with power because they are too strong at the moment. If you don't agree, then you really are just trying to protect your faceroll easy way of playing the game.

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