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Auras Are Awful


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The bigger auras are ok, I guess. Maybe too big

But the fact that it's nearly impossible to distinguish them from each other just by site and we have to look at the buff bars is too far.

@Eurantien.4632 said:Play any class with pew pew and wait till you start shooting yourself cause you were pew pewing into a light aura... JK! Its Magnetic Aura! But you can't tell! Cause they all look the same!

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I don't get this redesign. The original auras from a year or two after release was where it was at. I loved them. I played aura share because I just like auras but after the change I just didnt feel them important enough of to gain my attention. But now I feel they are even bigger then the originals. I don't get why they feel the need to change something they took away years ago only to have this mess after bringing it back.....please I want the original aura look back please.

Edit: if the assets for the old original auras are still in the code, then give me an option to turn them on please

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