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[KOCS][NA][EST][18+]Knights of the chicken salad is recruiting raiders


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[KOCS][NA][EST][18+]Knights of the chicken salad is recruiting raiders

Are you tired of pugging and failing ?

Are you tired of wasting hours in pug groups, never knowing if the next group will succeed ?

Look no further,

Our vision is to recruit people that are mature and committed enough, that they would actually want to belong to a guild they can feel invested in it's growth and development.

We're aiming to be a small to medium size close-knit congregation of like-minded raiding individuals.I welcome all who are experienced with their profession, being proficient with multiple roles is a big plus.

I'm by no means a hardcore player, I consider myself more of a mid tier player, not really a casual and not really a hardcore player. I say this because I do want people with me that want to progress and accomplish things.

We don't demand 100% benchmark DPS, but, we do expect you to be able to pull your weight and at least 80% of the established DPS marks.

In an effort to keep things simple, centralized and avoid management issues, we will only use Discord as the main platform for all communications, be it voice, video, picture or text.

Also, this is a 18+ only guild, sorry padawans.

Big no no rules:

  • politics, religion, racism, sexism or drama of any kind.


  • Treat others the way you want to be treated yourself.

  • Repping, is only encouraged when doing guild related activities.

Raiding times:Thursdays: 22:00~00:00 ESTSaturdays: 21:00~00:00 EST

Interested ? fill in the following formhttps://goo.gl/forms/aDyLekUaMMRwTn1z2

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