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Interest In Food Achievement bug

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I made a new character for the recent beginner area achievements, and I've found one that isn't awarding achievement.

I've gone to the Master Chef in Hoelbrak, asked them to teach me to be a chef, I have access to the chef's discovery panel, and even can make foods, but it's not awarding the "Interest In Food" achievement that it should for my toon starting the chef discipline.

Please tell me there's something I'm missing here... :s

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It's kinda bugged. You can only get credit for it if you accept the Chef discipline from the Master Crafter on one of the starting maps (e.g. near Twinspur Haven in Wayfarer Foothills) not the cities (or, presumably, other places like the ones with special passes).

If you already took it from a city crafter, you can still get it now on that char by going to the map ones, accepting two other crafts (thereby getting rid of chef) and then accepting chef again.

They'll fix it eventually I'm guessing.

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