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Let me queue ranked 2 v 2 with my alt account


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It makes sense why multiboxing in 5 v 5 or conquest is forbidden, its impossible to play the game properly unless you queue up for rewards. But in 2 v 2 you dont play for nodes or score, you play to beat the other 2 players, I am confident in my pvp skills to try and beat the opposing team 1 v 2.

1 strategy would be to try and beat the opposing team 1 v 2, if i get downed or defeated i would run out with my second account that is still in the "base".`his way i wouldnt have to queue up with someone else that would have to be okay with me trying to fight 1 v 2.

A year ago or so when they ran this 2 v 2 tournament for the first time i actually won numerous fights this way and it was an enjoyable experience.


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@Tycura.1982 said:I'm not sure openly admitting that you break TOS on the official forum is a great idea bub

The multiboxing guidelines had not been updated last time 2v2s were around, this was 1-2 years ago. Multiboxing in pvp was not forbidden at that time. This was the era when people would join tournaments with multiple characters and just stand afk in base for participation rewards.

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