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Gem Store - No Outfit rotation?


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Hello there.So I bought the game few months back and since then there are these same, like 10 or 12 outfits available for purchase in the Gemstore and I am here literally ready to spend cash for Arenanet to get some of the outfits but those I want are locked. I tought maybe every couple of weeks there is some sort of rotation, like this month those 10 outfits are at the store next month another 10 are at the store and so on but no. Same things for months now.Is there any rotation at all for these things or all the Unavailable outfits are forever stuck to just sit there in the outfit section never to be bought again ? Cuz rly ppl wanna give you their money thus supporting the game/company and you are litteraly not allowing them I don't get it.

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Outfits in the gem store do rotate, but on a longer time scale that you were expecting - months rather than weeks. There's usually a big 'swap' of gem store cosmetics in March or April when a lot of stuff will be removed and a lot of currently unavailable stuff will replace it, then the same again in August or September when it swaps back. Small selections of items are changed at other times, for example we've recently had a lot of armour sets and weapons coming back which hadn't been available for a long time and the mini pet selection was changed before that. Then there's some which are tied to specific festivals, like the Wintersday outfits which are available in December.

Apart from festival stuff it's not really on a schedule so there's no way to say exactly when a certain outfit will be available, but if you can tell us which ones you're interested in we can give you some estimates of when they'll be back.

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Hi Danikat and thank you for the response.I was in the dark for how the rotation worked but It is nice to know that every couple of months there will be updates on the available stuff.In regard to your question the outfits that so far I am interested in buying are Sentinel Outfit, Mursaat Robes and Lunatic Guard.

Thank you for your support.

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