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Healing Is Overtuned


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@Khisanth.2948 said:

@"Mellow.7409" said:Firebrand, Centaur Revenant and Water Elementalist is overtuned, nerf please.

Can you elaborate on what brought you to that conclusion?

Didn't read patch notes and therefore unaware that any skill with hard CC no longer does any damage?

Whether I read the patch notes or not is irrelevant. I am asking OP for more information regarding their opinion.

Edit: I realize I might have misinterpreted this as implying that I would understand OP if I read the patch notes when you could have meant OP didn't read the patch notes. My bad.

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Or, just give all classes one sword that auto attacks only and does 1000 damage, give everyone 10000 HP, and....that's it! No unique skills, traits, other weapons, armour, trinkets, runes, sigils, conditions, boons, etc. But when you kill 65,535 enemies consecutively without taking damage you get the legendary sword, which does 1001 damage, thus giving you a very significant advantage over everybody else. Oh and once in a while the black lion market will feature sword skins

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@Astralporing.1957 said:

@ollbirtan.2915 said:while you are at it, don't forget to nerf teeeeeeeeeeef :#

I'd suggest to not deal with halfmeasures and just nerf
class. Hard. That should definitely help.If not with the game, then at least with complains

...yeah, i know, i am an optimist.

Then all the super duper permastealth op 360 noscope 1shot builds that always kill me will turn into all the super duper invincible permaheals 360 noscope bunker builds that I can't kill and still kill me...

I know you're wondering, well what the he'll build was I playing this whole time, but I really don't know either :D

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