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I am enjoying Tactics Axe/Sword Warrior post patch


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Defense still has it's value but after the patch I don't feel as attracted to it as before. Wanting to give other things a try I decided to go for Tactics as a replacement for the durability Defense used to provide. With the synergy that "For Great Justice!" has with numerous traits, the low cooldown of Mending when traited and the damage bonuses from Tactics I feel it's a good trade off.

The block from Riposte will be cancelled if a melee attack strikes it which is an obvious drawback, but with nearly half the cooldown of Shield Stance I have been enjoying and having success with it.

Tactics provides a pretty significant amount of sustain and is a much less autopilot option compared to Defense which I think makes playing Warrior a lot more engaging.

If anyone is interested in trying it out I highly recommend.

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What gamemode are you talking about?

In pvp defense already wasnt used in any metabuild. Spb used disci and strength and core used str, disc and tactic.

In wvw i havent been roaming, only played in a zerg and used str, tactics, spellbreaker and that worked very well with my worker build, the king of might post patch.

I can imagine that with lowered damage you are able to drop defense easily even in smallscale, even tho dmg in wvw is still quite high.

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