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Mounts in WvW


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PVE mounts 7

Skins mountRaptor 29Springer 30Skimmer 26Jackal 28Roller beetle 13Griffon 30Skyscale 10

WvW mounts 1

Skin mount10 (6 of them are the same skin but different color).


Is Anet really wondering why those of us who play WvW don't buy gems? I play mostly WvW and at times PvE and when I saw the 2000 gems Shimmerwing mount I bought it, because I liked it. Why don't I buy anything from WvW? because there is nothing worth it.

Anet wakes up! you live selling gems to buy skins, if you don't sell gems it may be that the skins of the store fail at something ...In WvW we go as a group, time to show off your mount and you don't see the opportunity to sell us 30 skins of different frames to not go all the same ...I don't ask for more mounts (although a motorcycle for my asura ...) but more skins for the only one, NO RECOLORS.

Anet wake up!!

Sorry for my english.

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