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Nerf Temporal Rift and Blazing Edge


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Temporal rift does too much damage and too much CC, the radius of it is far too wide, 300 should be more like 200 or 180 even.

Blazing edge just has too large if a range. If Firebrand is this slow moving walking tank of death make it so. Make rake a 300 range skill. 600 is just way too far.

These skills are single handedly carrying condi rev and firebrand (well and mantras, mantras just shouldn't exist).

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Temporal Rift exists in this game since 2015 and I don't believe that this is the skills that carries condi Revenant.

If anything, I'd increase the delay for Temporal Rift to collapse, but reducing radius is pretty senseless. The skill will still hit hard, it will still be fast, and still be CC with condi.

Increasing the time to react, just like Shackling Waves, is the way to go IMO.

But honestly I don't find anything broken about the skill that is a huge red line in the air.

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