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Thief New Possible Elite: Assassin|Archer|Stalker


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Just an idea. Maybe Anet could make elite concept, that utilizes quickness to shut down an enemy. The theme is "Quickness to the Maximum" yeah!

Other utility skill maybe "Kagebunshin -> clone that cannot attack while stealthing the real thief" , "Eagle Eye -> reveal enemy" and etc. (I am not sure for this part)For an elite skill, maybe have some quickness boost to thief stat.

Elite skill Name: "Ultra Instinct", "Killer Instinct", "Migatta no Goku'i" or whateverElite skill: will somehow enable the thief to dodge attack every 3 sec Interval for 15 secElite skill Cooldown: 60 secElite skill type: BurstType of weapon: GREAT SWORD, Longbow or Offhand-Sword

I know Revenant has Shiro build that utilizes Quickness, but doesn't feel the same for thief concept imo. Revenant still have cooldown for its weapon skill, but thief doesn't.

That's it. That is my hope. Just my simple idea haha

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