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Throw Mine > Detonate Functionality


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As indicated in @Chaith.8256 bug thread the skills and/or tooltips are buggy.

I'm confused about how these skills work period, but didn't want to clutter the bug thread. If my testing reveals something helpful someone more knowledgeable could please add it to the bug thread.

Throw Mine should; knockback, explosion, very little damage, blast finisher, and strip boons. Now, when you throw the mine it makes a small circle. Does it only do these effects if that circle is 'activated' by an enemy, or does it do these effects with X radius when it hits the ground?

What determines the availability of the Detonate skill?

Detonate should (according to the Wiki with no changes in yesterdays patch to my knowledge); Do some damage, blast finisher, knockback, and explosion (Chaith is right, the tooltip is bugged to say detonate also removes boons). Is this skill always available once the mine is thrown, or ONLY if the throw didn't hit or was activated??

I only tested on ambients so I don't know about the boon removal, but what appears to me to be happening is that whether the mine is 'activated' or Detonate is used all that shows up in the combat log is damage from Throw Mine, no damage from a Detonate skill. Without the gadget trait, again whether 'activated' by an enemy or Detonated very little damage is done. With the gadget trait Throw Mine is still the only skill that shows in the combat log and BOTH mines do pretty significant damage.

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