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balance is still bad


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ele overall didn't feel like it needed any kind of boost. their aim also was not to make core classes equal to HoT&PoF specs, just to nerf overall dps. while the condi + cc spam now is pretty mad.

one mistake anet made: nerfing all dmg cc, not only the broken and abused ones. some elite stuff that wasn't meta could have used lighter nerfs to boost them. for example dragonhunter "dragons maw"... traps are easy to dodge. while on the other hand, stuff like warrior and ranger still do big dmg pretty quickly. and condi stacks work at present a bit too good.

nerfing cleanses and stability providers was a kinda questionable decision overall.

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It happens exactly what I wrote previously.Condi Bunker Meta because Anet didnt't touched any stats.It is still foolish nerf the sh... out of nearly every skill and didn't touched the stats.Where is the logic, do deal condition damage with just one stat, while power need 3 stats on gear?

Beside of that WvW still have that thuge amount of issues that didn't touched for years.

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