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Wvw roaming war, anything works ?


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I'm definitely having more trouble than before the balance patch. For a change I tried switching to core and ran tactics instead of defense. Leg specialist definitely caught a few people off guard and Warrior's cunning worked well against classes who use barrier. But for a lower tier player things are definitely harder now.

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Running full zerker pack runes defence spell discipline. Sheild master armored attack and RR

Bulls charge shake it off balance stance.

Bulls charge is still pretty much a must have in wvw roaming, never cared for the dmg anyway but IT was a nice bonus.

Still immune to crit hits and 3 stun breaks kinda make rr worth taking over ci, not touched tactics or strength yet and using mending heal just to see how it works out.

I like defence because reflects on sheild are too good, especially vs deaths judgment lol

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