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New Side Objectives for Alpine BL [Idea]


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Was thinking Alpine Borderlands could use some new things to fight over.Map of locations for new objectives,https://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/b/b1/Alpine_Borderlands_Map_New_Objectives.jpg

Blue Circles: If you own one of these objectives you gain increased forward movement speed while out of combat standing or swimming in water controlled by that objective. Current movement speed cap is 400 u/s, which is obtained while under swiftness and ooc. I'm thinking of a buff that increases that to 500 while in water but also buffs your speed to that without needing to provide your own movement speed buff.Blue Stars: denotes the boundary between different objective's waters.

Red Circles: A capture circle that when controlled creates a Way Point build site. Thinking 100 supply. Can only be damaged/contested by siege and disablers (like walls). If it is not built, the build site can be destroyed by player attacks. When the site or the Way Point are destroyed, the capture circle appears once again. Thinking about as tough as cannons.*Siege Disablers now cause modest damage to walls/gates and heavy damage to the new Waypoints (5 will destroy) causing the objective to become contested. Player Attacks no longer contest gates nor do guards attacking cause contest.Green Circle: Gaining control of The Ruin's Bloodlust grants a Way Point. Does not need to be built but can be contested with siege and disablers. If destroyed, The Ruins Bloodlust control becomes neutral.

Yellow Circle Skritt: Controlling skritt town via Capture Circle now grants camps +5 supply carry.Yellow Circle Centaur: Controlling Centaur Warcamp via Capture Circle now grants increased forward movement speed while on any Road on the map and out of combat. Current movement speed cap is 400 u/s. Thinking of that increasing to 500 on roads and also a buff that would cap that speed out without the need of the player providing their own movement speed buff.Yellow Circle North Camp: Controlling the Cradle of Power via Capture Circle causes your enemies in downed state to die if not rallied within 7 seconds.

That's all I got at the moment. Just some stuff to fight over that might shift fights to new places and create new strategies.Thank You for reading.

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@xDudisx.5914 said:I don't think they should give so powerful abilities for defenseless side objectives. That said, centaur and skritt's area always empty. They could create an event to get the skritts and centaurs to work like ebg mercenaries.

I left them "defenseless" to encourage player vs player interaction rather than player vs arbitrary punching bags like walls and npcs.

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@Justine.6351 said:

@Dawdler.8521 said:The movement thing is a
nono. All players should fight under the same conditions. Anet has already kitten that up themselves by objective boons/shrines, we dont have to drop to that low level.

out of combat only...Out of combat or in combat, it doesnt matter. Same issue.

The core of GW2 PvP is supposed to be a level playing field with some flex for classes/builds. We already have enough artificial boosts as it is and we've seen first hand what happens when Anet goes overboard with it (bloodlust 1.0). Please dont encourage it.

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