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is it possible to delete accounts?

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I’m going to guess they won’t delete an account because people paid money for it and may one day want to come back, and deleting accounts might cause legal problems if someone contacted support using another person’s name and information and got the account deleted.

If you don’t want to them to have your info get a new email and have support change the account email to that. After that also do what was suggested above and go into your account on the forum and scramble all the info and set up a random password, then you can lose the information if you’re absolutely sure you don’t want to come back.

Edit: even if they delete your account that doesn’t mean they’ll delete your information. Buyer information may be stored somewhere else for record keeping purposes.

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@Linken.6345 said:

@MordoTekniq.7689 said:I've been waiting to hear back from my ok to delete the accounts for a while.I was starting to think maybe it wasn't possible.But, hopefully it will be completed soon.Peace

Your talking about your support ticket right?Since they wont tell you anything on the forum.

Support tickets, yes.

side note:Also, they have my cc info. I'd rather not have that getting around.

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