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Necromancer in SPvP


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Necro is so busted, power has gone to shit, condition damage is ridiculous still. What I expect will happen is necro will get nerf because the tank and dmg output is too high with all shroud skills and condition dmg from the class, poison, vulnerability etc, but I'll be a small meaningless nerf people will cry and I'll get nerf again and people will continue crying necro is busted still and maybe I'll get nerf again and 1 year has passed. "Anet" Either drastic nerf necro primarily its tankyness from shroud within a reasonable period an actual nerf the class feels not insanely strong anymore over all other classes. Fix this if not fixed my other solution is "players" remain to only pve and if that doesnt work out just quit new games come out there's other stuff you can do than wasted you time waiting for a nerf to a class that needs it that anet is too blind to see is 2020 GW2 PoF was 2017 and they are still doing massive class balances yikes. Anyways personally I'll wait 1 month and see what happens.

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Necro for the most part needs a shaving on life force generation that will for the most part affect core. Reaper's life force generation isn't anything worth writing home about, and resultantly they're not end all be all tank kites. Scourge alone still has life force balanced, and has barrier instead of shroud pools to lean on. Nerfing life force generation across the board would hurt the specs badly. I think the best route for anet is to nerf signet of undeath and fear of death's life force generation on fear, and maybe LF generation on staff marks. Maybe. Signet of undeath is an unhealthily high amount now that damage has been shaved so, and fear of death is still a pretty hard generator if I'm not mistaken. Fear of death is still a HUGE ASS 15% generator, stronger than focus 4, on ANY fear you apply, be it from stability converting, reaper's mark, or doom. If anet's smart, they'll nerf Signet of Undeath and Fear of Death, those two being the biggest culprits of necromancer's absurd LF generation even before the patch.

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'Hey necromates!The purpose of this thread is to try to get some ArenaNet attention over us (yes, I know this must be the 218342424 thread about that).'

-Different thread-

Player, 'That was all we needed Anet, just so you know. Just something to show us we’re not invisible. Lol.'

Anet, 'Na, it’s ok. From your point of view, it makes sense: you feel like no one is responding to threads, which must mean we’re not listening or that we do not care.

But as I’ve said before, we read the forums, takes, run to meetings, etc. We’re here, and we’re listening.

I understand your position and it makes sense. I just wanna let you know that we’re here and we are working hard. We just have our heads down as we fix bugs and put new things into the game.'

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@Josiah.2967 said:I think it was intentional. Still not too tier. Reaper was ruined in the process.

You don't need necros to be a free kill.

In hindsight it probably was. Essentially none of their self healing was nerfed. The well, sand flare, and dagger 2 were touched but that is meaningless when all of their life steal, healing in shroud, vampirism/locust signets, etc remain the same.

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