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Welcome to the cc spam meta.


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Make sure to find the most gimmicky cc spamming build possible.

Bonus points if you play ventari/khalia renegade running staff/hammer with spirits that take up 70% of a capture point. Cooldowns on spirits and tablet knockbacks? Not today!

If you thought scourge was bad for dominating points, wait till you try out this bad boy! slaps hood Trade-offs? You won't find any trade-offs here! This modern marvel comes with endless stability, endless sustain, and full support for your entire team.

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@Thorstienn.1642 said:Is this a nerf renegade post? Has renegade finally made it?

It should have made it a long time ago. But burst was high enough that you had classes to counter it.

Now that damage is reduced bunker/condi bunker/support renegade is absolute cancer.

I guess that's ultimately true for anything in this meta, go bunker cc spam condi if you want to be viable.

It's just far worse on renegade than I have seen on any other build so far.

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