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Trait Icon Cleanup


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I know, this is not really a priority problem, but it bothers me for a while now.

With the rework for the explosives trait line, Anet has given us new icons for the new traits to reflect their new effects and I really like them. But in the past, there have been several traits which got reworked with a completely new functionality and Anet did not update their icons back then, which makes it weird, since the icons do not represent the effect in the slightest anymore.

Examples of what I am talking about:Applied Force (Scrapper GM) - The icon shows a gyro with legs and boots. Before the rework, this trait granted stability when using a gyro, so it was fitting. Now it gives quickness if you have more than 10 might and 200 extra power while you are affected by quickness.Thermal Vision (Firearms M) - A guy with a can on his head, the can is perforated. Made sense when this trait was called Skilled Marksman and improved your rifle skills. But with the new effect to increase expertise when you inflict burning, doesn't really work anymore.Sanguine Array (Firearms A) - Just shows a bullet, as it seems. Guess it made sense when it was called Heavy Armor Exploit by showing a high caliber bullet. Now it grants might when you inflict bleeding.

The firearms trait icons can get reworked when the firearms trait line in general gets an overhaul (honestly, I think it needs it).But I don't see scrapper getting their traits reworked so soon again and Applied Force needs a new icon finally. The trait has been around for 3 years now and still shows an outdated icon that does not match it's functionality.

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