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Replenishing Torment's self-Torment should scale with condition duration

Hell Nirvana.9045

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Replenishing Despair's self-Torment should scale with Revenant's condition duration, much like self-conditions do on Necromancers.Right now, I can't get beyond 7 second duration per stack on a condition Revenant build, if I have Pact of Pain selected. Even the tooltip on Replenishing Torment says I should have a duration of 8¾ seconds with the current condition duration. Up to 9 seconds with buffs.The synergy with Permeating Pestilence feels very lackluster right now, being able to transfer just 7 stacks of Torment with a duration of 7 seconds max after swapping legends.Because of this, Acolyte of Torment with its 10% damage increase to Torment seems to be the choice in every scenario right now.

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There seems to be something weird going on with the scaling on my end. My guild mate is getting 9 (with the trait showing correct scaling) stacks on their Revenant, while I'm stuck at 7, even though that trait says 9. They use Torment runes, but that's not the cause. Something in my build isn't making Torment scale correctly.

I'm using full Viper gear (weapons, armour and trinkets), with Superior Runes of Nightmare. Sigils are of Geomancy, of Earth, and of Doom.

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