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Battle scars


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It expands one stack upon successful attack, even if the attack dealing the blow does "0" damage.

It is basically similar in function to the old Focused Siphoning but doesn't require the target to have vuln stacks, rather yu must have Battlescars stack instead.

In PvE, this is very very very strong right now for Power Revs.In WvW and sPvP however, the values are so bad that it's only used on certain builds because Revs can't really multi hit well in actual combat because people move, dodge, block etc. (The value for competitive right now is basically same as old Focused Siphoning but yu have to trait to even get it, making it a direct nerf and extremely bad trait choice if one wants to run Devastation)

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I kinda settled on a full celestial condi renegade build for pvp yesterday after many many matches of getting my kitten pushed in. I went will full battlescars in all 3 slots. The trick I have found to making it effective is to put out both the physical damage kalla utilites in a group fight. This way you are getting the stacks both in and out at a high rate, to the point where I found the sustain to be noticeable. This is really only effective during fights were you know that an enemy has a strong incentive to stay inside the area, such as points or other strategic areas. Otherwise people tend to just run away and come back when your spirits are done, and or try to dps you from range.

But I don't think it's worth it if you are attempting to do some kind of glass cannon setup, the sustain is not that strong.

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