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Chronomancer - Utility DPS Not do what it says it dose

Bold The Prince.4208

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Hi there! Sorry for my english :persevere:

I like to help the group and I took this build to do what it says . But it dose not doing that


Following Standard Rotation and doing that in raids trainings Golem

Go all the gear and food right...

Dose anyone know what is I'm doing wrong? Or if you have any any ide how to get the boon longer that 10-12sec

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You need to reach 100% boon duration, in order for that to work

  • Always weapon swap for the sigill effect
  • You need 150AR and use a Large Mist Mobility Potion (this doesn't work in the dps test area or raids obviously)
  • If you can't reach the 100% boon duration this way, you need more Commander gear.
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