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[WvW] Power Renegade build for Roaming and Zerging.


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I would just like to share a build I've been using for the past week and seen some success.Do note that WvW right now is in a state where yu either Roam and fight 1v1, or roam with a group and fight together as a team.

Fighting outnumbered in WvW right now is pretty much dead unless yur playing a bunker build specifically designed to survive and kite, or yur playing Condi bunker Firebrand.I've thus created a build for small scale that can be translated to zerging if needed.

So here's the build :http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PmgAUZlxQLMPaj1RaMOKjRSjMCygl+FwrH-zVJYiRF/ZkpSoXZgGHA-w

Devastation is left empty because it has not been updated yet but yu wanna run

  • Aggressive Agility
  • Thrill of Combat
  • Dance of Death

I know I have been complaining about the new Battle Scars alot, but with this build it ekes out a decent amount of sustain.Battle Scars is still weak as heck though, so if yu have a different way to sustain yurselves, go for it.

How the build works :

General approachEssentially the main damage tool which yu will field is Shortbow.Though it is mainly a Condition weapon, it does have some decent Power scaling.Its weapon skills are also cheap, and it has a very good CC which I will go into detail later.

The main focus is to kite.Yu never ever wanna fight in melee range unless yu really have to.Start on Shiro always, because even though Riposting Shadows does have a big sucky energy cost, it is a very reliable self peel and anti pressure tool.Do not spam Riposting.Use up yur two dodges first before ever touching this skill. It's not to say that yu shouldn't chain it together with dodges, but spamming leaves yu dry very fast, forcing a Legend swap.

The cheap cost of Shortbow 2 and Shortbow 3 will allow yu to lay down ranged pressure while slowly saving up energy for Shiro's Riposting Shadows if the need for it arises.

Melee CombatSo the enemy managed to reach yu.This is when yu channel the inner rebel and swap to Kalla.

When an enemy gets near yu, they essentially put themselves in range of all yur Summons while allowing yu to sit safely inside them.Sitting in yur summons gives Protection when traited, and Kalla's Heal gives a 50% condition damage reduction as well.

The most deadly part of this is being able to drop Darkrazor and Icerazor ontop of yur target who is in melee range.Darkrazor will strip away all Stability and begin Interrupting the target, proccing Ashen Demeanor multiple times.Icerazor will deal damage and also apply Vuln stacks.

This will allow yu to subsequently both create and consume Battle Scars as long as yur target stays inside this choke-zone, giving yu some form of sustain.If more sustain is needed, hold off on using Breakrazor's heal and instead use Soulcleave's summit to proc Steadfast Rejuvination and swap to Staff to use Staff's faster and more melee oriented kit to aid in dueling in this little arena yu have set up.

Chasing and Combos

While having a straight up simple gameplay, there are certain tricks which can be employed to aid in outmaneuvering the opponent.

Let's be real here : PT + Staff 5 is gone.It is just garbage and it will never work now.

This is why we now use PT + Shortbow 5.It performs the very same sort of effect as old PT + Staff 5, except it also allows yu to continue laying the pressure by dropping Shortbow 4 on the target as well as pushing in a few autos and Shortbow 2.

When fighting CC heavy enemies, save Darkrazor's and drop it only when yu are stunned.Darkrazor gives good anti pressure and is also a stunbreak.CC right now is in a state where no one is safe and Darkrazor's interrupt spam will give most enemies pause when trying to fight in melee.

Shortbow 2 and Shortbow 3 can be fired while running at opponents behind yu.Use this while running to apply some damage which yu normally can't with other weapons.

Runes and Sigils

I'm scared of CC. I'm scared of Condi.To that respect, I run double Energy and Cleansing Sigils on my weapon sets.Since this build focuses on surviving and kiting, swapping weapons often isn't a bad idea.

For runes I use Durability because Toughness is always good to reduce any sort of poke damage coming in, and the passive gives yu some nice bonuses when getting hit, increasing yur survivability and also giving 10% more health.

I would like to reiterate once more that WvW solo roaming is dangerous right now. This build aids in team combat more than solo or outnumbered combat. Please approach encounters with extreme caution if doing so as a solo player.

If this build works for yu, I'm glad to have shared it.I still wish Anet would buff some parts of Revenant though.

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@"Clownmug.8357" said:Nice build, I've been testing something similar to this recently. Other than battle scars what do you think needs a boost?

If we are talking strictly about Devastation line then :

I think Expose Defenses need to be reworked entirely or tweaked.It may be a "good" trait for bursting but in actuality it's really bad for Revs in general.

Alot of Rev's elites are very hard to use in the heat of combat, mainly because they cost too much or they are best used in a pinch.

I feel like a good way to make it reset itself is maybe to swap Legends?There are already some pretty powerful Legend Swap effects right now, like the new Invoke Torment and maybe Song of the Mists.

It's only 5 vulnerability, I think resetting it on Legend swap isn't too outrageous considering Rev can have Vuln from literally everywhere else, making this trait very very weak in the grand scheme of things.

Battle Scars need to be integrated into the trait line itself.What was essentially done was robbing Devastation of its innate Life siphoning, combining it with Assassin's Annihilation, and splitting it into 3 traits, spreading it among Adept Master and Grandmaster.

Anyone who realises this can tell yu "wtf, isn't this just a straight up nerf?"

The Master trait, Thrill of Combat need to be made baseline.

I would propose swapping Thrill of Combat and Expose Defenses.

Thrill of Combat will be made the new Minor Adept.Expose Defenses could use a little buff, say 10 Vuln stacks, and then resets itself on Legends Swap.

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@Clownmug.8357 said:I'd be on board for that Expose Defenses change. Vulnerability on elite skill is probably one of the dumbest changes I seen over the years besides Disruptor's Sustainment.

Anything which revolves around Elite skill for Rev is borderline horrible.There is only like, 2 Elite skills which can be used very often, and they are both upkeeps : EtD and Soulcleave's.

People who run Retribution for example, never ever take Spiritual Reckoning because not only does it need an Elite skill cast to proc, it also has an icd of 10 seconds.

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I have started using a similar build in pvp except instead of shiro, mallyx, and instead of ret, devastation. I went with celestial stats and runes, and picked up all the heal on resistance traits and 20% damage redux while resistance is up. I found I actually had decent sustain between the battle scars and resistance working together, and celestial gives a bit of healing and armor as well which seemed to help a touch.

I really need to start using the mallyx leap more aggressively rather than using the elite skill as much. Although it's pretty nice when you are trying to stomp the downed to keep that on and punish anyone who comes along to res as well as keeping pressure on the downed players themselves.

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