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LFG - PvE on FA server (Oceanic Time Zone)


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Looking for a casual 'family friendly' guild on the Fort Aspenwood server for mostly PvE with some PvP and WvW. Just not very good at PvP stuff...

I'm an American living in Japan and looking for a good guild to join. I've been playing MMO's for a while now and recently came back to GW2. My daughter also likes to play sometimes, hence the "looking for a family friendly guild". I''m not that worried about a bad words in chat as I can turn the profanity filter on, and I'm sure she's heard me say much worse. I'm happy to do discord if necessary.

I miss having good people to play with and talk to. I'm always willing to help out a guild-mate and know what good teamwork means.

Look forward to hearing from you...

Wasabi Farts

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