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BUG: Weaver Elemental Polyphony has no effect

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I have changed through all attunements and there are no increases reflected in the Hero Equipment panel for [PvE] Elemental Polyphony (which is supposed to give +120 stat based on attunement).

There seem to be an awful lot of discrepancies for Weaver between what the tooltips/Hero-build panel say and what actually happens. Can someone please review/fix/make-consistent all this. The discrepancies are getting to be quite significant -- it's getting where so many things are not behaving as indicated that trying to select traits/skills is becoming an exercise in try-it-and-see-what-happens. I mean, if the stuff is going to be nerfed, then fine -- but please make the in-game "documentation" reflect what actually is happening.

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Good thought. Thanks for that. It does seem to work in combat.

[soapbox -- TLDR; I'm venting about the inconsistency/inaccuracy/complexity of tooltips] ---------------------

Apologies for the rant, but here it is, anyway: But this is precisely my point -- far too many of the tooltips (and a number of wiki pages) don't describe what the game actually does. The tooltips/wiki should describe in an accurate, but easy-to-understand way what the skills/traits/weapons are supposed to do. Then, if there is a discrepancy, it is a bug in the implementation. Another example: a tooltip says "Damage versus burning". The word "versus" means "in contrast/opposed to". So this could mean that this damage is an alternative to damage from burning. The actual behavior seems to be "Damage when burning". There's a huge difference. There are multiple cases where the tooltip for a weapon skill on the skill bar gives different numbers than the tooltip for that weapon skill from the Hero Panel weapon tab (out of combat, no conditions, no boons). I've found at least a dozen of these kinds of things for tooltips when running Weaver. I've even spent several hours with the Aerodome practice golem to try and see what actually happens in many cases. And since actual damage is based on RNG, modified by armor, etc, doing experiments can't really give a good idea of the intended behavior without a statistically significant number of trials. Theoretically doable, yes. Practical, no.

Should we really have to spend our "play time" figuring out what things do, rather than playing the game? I've managed software development for multiple decades and part of the development/release/QA process was to verify that all in-product and external documentation was accurate. Granted, this is "just a game", but would it have taken an unreasonable amount of time for the writer of the tooltip to include "(combat only)" in the text? While I'm venting, it would also be tremendously helpful if there were an "official" wiki post that described how to interpret the tooltips, and all the tooltip authors complied with that. When you have a combination of direct instant damage, pulse damage, condition damage, fractional durations, multiple stacks, multiple targets, multipliers, etc. trying to figure out "how much damage does this thing do" is sometimes a research project. Just like attributes on some foods/etc. were adjusted to standardize on Expertise, Concentration, etc., the same clean-up process could be done to tooltips.

[/soapbox] ------------------

I don't think it's unreasonable to expect that the primary source of documentation for the game (tooltips/wikis) reflect what the game does (actually, what the game is supposed to do) in an intuitive, straight-forward, understandable way. Having to verify the behavior of each and every skill/trait/weapon against all the different possible combinations to see what they actually do is a near-impossible task. Build crafting is one of the fun/unique parts of this game, but it's become tedious because the reliability and understandability of the tooltips is dubious.

Anet -- please give the tooltips some love and make them consistent, correct, and easy to understand.

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