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doom is useless now

Stand The Wall.6987

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heresy since anets balance patch made core broken op. its seriously the most useless skill now tho, no more rupting ppl trying to cc me while casting the 4 sec life transfer, saving an ally from something, or anything that requires immediate action. feels like i'm driving to the airport. core has all of FIVE CCS LOL. apparently 1 of them being instant is beyond necros meagre worthiness. lets make every necro skill have a 1 sec cast time at least since they're obviously the slow light class like guard is the slow heavy. they probably shouldn't even have swiftness and def not any teles my god how could they. ok, i'm done.

thanks anet, continue to listen to forum qq and ruin specs further cuz you have no idea what to do or not to do. if they do this to doom then I've got a feeling they're going to obliterate core necro in some bat shit crazy way. oh well.

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The issue would be more that ANet favor long lasting CC over interrupt which is, in my opinion, the wrong way to go. Fast, reactive Interrupts are good for the game, they are the ideal way to react to an incoming threat (Hell, GW1 focused on it). Long lasting CC just make the game frustrating to the player that have it's character CC'ed (whether those CC deal damage or not).

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