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Beginner Experience Collection - 1 item missing

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At start it was easy to get the boxes with the armor. Got 4 of them with the first char.But I failed to recognize, that the parts inside are important, got the box and salvaged the parts without equipping.Now I have 16/17 achievments but missing the the box for the enhanced mighty gloves.

I've created a next new char, kill enemies, level by killing to level 10, created the next char, kill enemies ...Now its my 4th or 5th char I've leveled from 1 to 10 just by killing and hoping to get an armor box - but not a single box for me.

It should be the last of the tutorial achievments for me.Is there a switch/trigger, the prevent this boxes in a special situation? e.g. "got tutorial mastery" or "got all boxes in Beginner Experience Collection"?I just need one (special) armor box :(

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