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[Hide weapons when sheathed]-feature STILL Bugged Since It Was Added In Early December

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Hey everyone!Issue:ANet added a feature to hide your weapon while sheathed. But more often than not, this will produce a bug that will also hide the weapon when unsheathed (making you fight with your fists). Swapping weapon-sets does not bring it back to normal, only sheathing and praying for it not to happen again.

I haven't been able to produce this 100% but:

  1. Set one of your weapon-sets to hide, and the other to show.
  2. Use any skill on your weapon set which is set to show to unsheath your weapon (Using the unsheath button also works but less consistent).
  3. Swap weapon sets to your hidden weapon - it will now most likely be completely invisible.3b. Swap weapons back and forth, your hidden weapon will never show.

It's a great addition, but please make it actually work!

PS. This has been a known issue by the community ever since the feature was added, yet nothing has been done.

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It seems like it has to do with swapping to a weapon that's hidden, I've been noticing this too lately. I'm sure it's always been there, but it's only been the past week or so that I've played characters besides my main in a long time. My main is a staff elementalist, so it doesn't seem to be a problem when you have just the one weapon. It also seems to happen if I'm attacked and my second weapon set is the active one and sheathed.

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