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Tempest D/D Fresh Air Auramancer Viable?


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After a long time without play as Elementalist, and 1st time playing as Tempest, i tested this build and i did well on conquest mode.The main goal is keep Shock Aura, Frost Aura, heal, damage and overload air up.

1 - What do you guys think?2 - It's viable?3 - Some suggestion to improve this build?

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Base healing is nerf to nothing. even with 1200 healing power you have the same results as if you have 300 healing power? with healing signets heal per skill usage and way less then if you attune or apply water skins or splash or buffs. It's like they are trying to kill this game and making an incentive for us to play their new game which is coming. If they are making a new expansion and they had to nerf us for that to work I guess it might be ok. IF there would be some new feature, mechanics or skills sure. However, if it's to dumb down the skill level so we all use condi and rely on only havoc team 5v1 or bigger zerg win mentality, rather than skill and tack. Well :angry:

I mean nothing is really viable in a fight outside of 1v1 you can stall a 1v2 or 1v3 but if they are condi you can walk away slow and die or stand there and fight dying faster doing little to no damage at all. Unless your in a big group and you just want to tag things for wvw credits luke-warm gross ok.

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Not enough damage for the sustain you lose.


This is a better option with the goal to maximize vulnerability stacks on your target. Pop goep while air overloading and they will have 25 stacks on them.

Dont discredit water autos for vulnerability stacks as well.

You can switch ult for tornado but the burst heal if water elemental is op.

Will this be viable? Hard to tell but prob a better option than your build.

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I get your point to play with Schoking aura. IMo you should try with Lightning rod.Something like this : http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PGgEgEWWAbktx8YlYpPd22B-z5QfEhsAc4AYou cast the earth shield > Air overload (+flash on foe if needed) > Earth Shield #4 and # 3 under the storm. Kite or Achieve.Your shocking aura will protect you while you chain skill/cc, and you can even unequip the shield to transmute schoking aura then use again schoking aura.You can also use Piercing Shard as you will apply a lot of vulnerabilty.Warhorn is better IMO (or focus) than Dagger : you lose the frost aura but you have magnetic aura, a pull, a Knockack and some support (Might/blind/ healing)

Edit : may be with the thunder hammer it could work too : #2 for quickness then #5 and #3. Better DPS but lower range and sustain I think.

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Ty all!It was made some changes to increase damage without remove duration of shocking aura nor the duration of the stun.It was made some tests with horn and focus, but looks like dagger is better. I don't know, but if got better mobility, heals, evades, control, damage and combos with dagger...


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