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Engi Needs Unblockable


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@Rezzet.3614 said:engi vastly underperforms in WvWvW because of the anti projectile fields/shield bubbles and reflects spam , something giving engineer temporary moments of unblockable attacks would fix, or give us back the old mine kit :v

I agree tbhIve tried to accomodate this with various ideas. You could give engi unblockable or u could reduce/llimit/change the projectile reflecting/blocking effects.Most of these come from guardain in my experience but almost all of them are domes. Guardian book 3 nr3, giardian shield. And then of course engineer bulwark toolbelt, mesmer dome.I think one of the biggest problems is that these skills cover a large area from all angle compared to the guardian reflect wall that u can shoot over or walk around.Id like to see a change to these skills to allow counter play by projectile builds or a nerf to durationAlternatively u could make all blockable skills have a maximum limit to the blocks the can take.

Ive also been thinking about what itd be like if the Juggernaut trait made being in Mortar for 6sec or longer start giving a stack of unblock for 2 sec every sec. This could be kept in balance by giving a minimum range to the mortar just like the old mortar had

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Here's the engineer skills which are unblockable: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Orbital_Strike https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Acid_Bombhttps://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Prime_Light_Beam

Granted, you have to trade off orbital strike for prime light beam as a skill for an elite spec unless you take an explosives trait, but acid bomb is still a very viable option, as egun has a lot to offer.

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@archmagus.7249 said:

@Dawdler.8521 said:Magnet is also unblockable due to the irresistable magnetism of the engineer.

It's also bugged and doesn't pull the target unless you're on a completely flat terrain. It also doesn't pull the target all the way half the time.Not entirely true as it's easily able to pull people off towers/cliffs//hills etc as long as nothing blocks it, also the reason it keeps pulling halfway/thirdway is due to passive stunbreaks (or
fast reaction times).

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while yes i know engineer has one handful of unblockable skills they are all unpractical for wvw asides of 5 men or under skirmishesprime beam is nice but has a 5 target limit , it isnt clear if only the initial impact is unblockable and the burning fields are not and most importantly 60 seconds cooldownacid bomb , melee range 5 target limit , 15s cd takes a utility slotmagnet pull , takes utility slot, single target, 20s cooldown

the best unblockable skill engineer has is Throw mine wich with gadgeteer gets 12s CD and drops 2 mines at once, but even then its not enough to consistently damage groups of enemies

when i say engi needs unblockable i mean the boon that makes attacks unblockable for at least 5 seconds

otherwise engi needs mortar attacks to not count as projectiles and simply count as wells or somethingwich would be the ultimate preferable alternative as that way they would bypass reflects and anti projectile fields but still be blockable , but then rifle and pistol would be useless vs groups still.

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