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Legit question here...


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@Abraxxus.8971 said:Do warriors now have a skill/trait/whatever that lets them start a finisher, cancel it and run off but the finisher still happens? Had it happen to me 3 times in a match just a few minutes ago, and even my teammate saw it happen and was wondering about it.

I believe you’re probably just talking about Battle Standard.

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It sounds like a desync issue - for some reason this happens mostly with thieves on my part, where they start the stomp, dodge roll away - me thinking "phew, now I can interrupt it" - before the finisher happen while they are nowhere near my body.

My theory is that this is a remnant of the old stomp animation that could be affected by quickness and slow, where essentially you see a slightly delayed version of them stomping, but your client prioritizes rendering them while moving rather than finish the stomp animation. Was never an issue before that update.

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