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Buff Arcane skills in pvp / wvw


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The SOLE purpose of arcane skills is to do (critical) damage. They do literally nothing else.

They have some synergy with Elemental Surge for additional condi application but this was also nerfed (immob down to 1s from 2s).

Who in their right mind would pick damage only skills when their base damage (at 2800 power) is 450? PLEASE TELL ME. I'm really curious. Not just that, but they also didn't have the elegance to revert the nerf on Arcane Blast charges (was nerfed down from 3 to 2 time ago, for no reason again) now that it went from being a damage skill to a low utility one.

This skill, with 2800 power and 260% critical damage does 1400 DAMAGE. 1.4K!

Fresh Air ele was slaughtered this patch. A NON META BUILD FOR YEARS, barely saw any play in wvw either, but no, let's trash it for no reason. It's truly unbelievable the kind of people in charge of balancing this game.

Imagine slowly buffing arcane over the years so that people, aside from one build, had ANY USE for them. Then you decide to throw all that to the garbage bin and go back literally 7 years and beyond, because these abilities don't even have a niche at this point.

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