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Warclaw Mastery/Reward Track

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Went onto YouTube to find out how to get a Warclaw.After watching a few videos (CommonTate/AyinMaden), I did what both showed in the video.Open Rank & Abilities tab, one point in 'Warclaw Mastery', then open the Reward Tracks tab and click the Warclaw Reward Track..... but mine is still locked "Unlock the Warclaw Companion achievement collection to unlock this reward track".

If I go to the Warclaw Emblem achievement it tells me to "spend one World Ability Point in the Warclaw Mastery section of the WvW menu."... but I have!It's like the game has not seen me put that point in. Is there a place I can go to reset the point and try again.

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Oh, I restarted the game 3 times, when on to another Charr, went to a new zone just to see if that would fix it.If the answer to fixing this is in WvW please be kind, I have been playing for 5years but the only time I ever went WvW was to get my wolf pet so I know nothing really about the WvW maps.

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Here you go:
Warclaw Reward Track is an unrepeatable World versus World Reward Track, which has to be completed in order to unlock the Warclaw mount. The Warclaw Companion achievement must be unlocked in order to unlock this reward track.




Also: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Ability_Reset_Guide

If you continue to have issue, you can try a -repair of the client; and/or contact the CS Team via the 'Support' link above/below.

Good luck.

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@"Linken.6345" said:Yes you can only earn it in the wvw maps mate.

Ah, I'm standing in Divinity.Didn't know you had to be in the WvW Map to unlock the Reward Track.Looks like I'll not get in to WvW today. "5mins remaining, 58 in queue"..... "118mins remaining, still 58 in queue".I'll try mid week on my day off.

thanks for help

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@Eziair.2509 said:

@"Inculpatus cedo.9234" said:In every Borderland? A queue of 58? Many of the achievements can be attained in Edge of the Mists, as well.

yea, I worked it out that I could choose. Did say that I never played WvW before ;)

There are three steps:

First you need to activate, as you have done, in WvW panel the ability line for Warclaw (which you unlock different abilites and skills related to mont). There is a key bind in Option you can set to directly summon this mount (can be used in WvW and PvE). It is here you also will gain points and see your WvW rank (same as Mastery system for PvE where you gain XP - but here you get point that you can use to purchase certain abilities). Don't forget to consume those WvW consumables that you get as reward for fights after participating in doing things in WvW. Total cost is 166 points if I recall it correctly for a full Warclaw line. You also get WvW token (Skirmish) which spend to unlock at WvW vendor Warclaw. Those points that enable or activate different abilities or skills (siege weapon, defense and offense against NPCs etc) can be reset from abother vendor that is close to Warclaw vendor. It is free the first two times and cost later shards that you can get fromHere is a list of cost for each ability and consumables that you get incl token from WvW rewards.


I would recommend to first build up some defense against guards (NPC), get some ability to carry sups (Supply) so you can help to build siege weapon [look at both the line for how much you can carry and the line for how much you spend - repair walls is one and siege weapon is another line]. You can use gliding (another ability line that needs to be unlocked, even if you have full Mastery Gliding from PvE) in some places, but be careful as there is zones where you can't glide and will drop dead if you don't react fast enough to stop. Invest some points also here so you can fast get down from high buildings/walls without falling to your death.

There are pages you will need to collect from different places on Boarderland and EB to complete the Warclaw achievement. There is hints for where you can find those pages. You can consume those pages to gain some XP. After that will have access to buy with Gold and token the Warclaw skin that limited to WvW event going on just now. It cost 200 Gold and Skrimish token. You can see this track in your WvW panel as locked, until you have purchased it. Always pick a reward track to gain XP towards certain goals (many PvE maps reward can be gained from those tracks). Make sure to activate it by clicking in the upper right corner to show "active".

You have to go to a vendor which have new symbol on map WvW map not far from where you spawn whan you enter Boarderland (Green, Blue or Red). In Eternal Battlefield you find also those vendors nearby spawn point. Some of those achievement can be done Edge of the Mist, like taking a tower, keep and camp. (Google for Dulfy guide on this).

FYI the default skin can be dyed, so can change how it looks if you will not be able to get that skin from vendor during WvW event before it is over.

For PvE Warclaw doesn't have much hight in its jump, so higher object on ground can become an obstacle with this mount. It had a high speed before patch, but have been reduced. Be aware that you can be kicked off your mount from other enemy player, if somebody in WvW use Warclaws lance skill. Its health have also been reduced from 10K to 8K oin WvW.

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Thanks a heap for all of that ShadowCatz.I'm only after the Warclaw as I have all the other mounts but I don't want to be a leech in WvW, I do want to pull my weight.Went in for about an hour yesterday, spotted a Commander and joined.No one moaned at me so I must have been ok :) I hope.

Oh, I did learn the hard way about gliding yesterday..... lmao

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