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Signets of Suffering


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Hello all,

I can't personally test at the moment, but I'm 90% sure it works this way. Signets of Suffering makes you gain all passive effects of signets in shroud regardless of whether the signet is on cooldown or not. This means that by taking the signet heal and Signet of Undeath, with Signets of Suffering, that single trait makes you gain health while in shroud each time you get hit, and also makes you gain shroud every few secs. Permanently. With just one trait. Isn't this the biggest source of sustain at the moment?

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You're right.And it is currently balanced.If we take all those stuff you mentioned, we lose a lot of damage/corruption abilities.So for less damage/corruption, we get more sustain.

Contrary to popular belief, we are not invincible even with that sustain.Full zerk classes with lots of stuns and stabs like Spellbreakers/Soulbeasts can still kill us very easily.Especially in WvW since the Soulbeast rugged growth healing is bugged and making them near immortal in 1 vs 1.

Just to add, I'm not against them nerfing that sustain though since it promotes shroud camping which is boring...But if they nerf it, then they need to give us shroud flashing tools.Like 5 seconds shroud CD baseline and buff all our enter/exit shroud abilities.

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