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[NA][PvE/WvW][loj] Casual AUS/SEA/NZ guild uPOI – A place to chat, hang, raid and share pets


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We are ‘Undiscovered Point Of Interest’ [POI] or technically uPOI!

An OCEANIC guild, meaning we're a home for those who play in or around the East Asian, Australian and New Zealand time zones. We also have a handful of American night shift players so you're welcome too! Our guild revolves around a chill atmosphere with the majority of our members being working class, online at night and weekends and because of this we prefer to use the phone app ‘Telegram’ to chat while not online.

POI has a max level 69 guild hall Lost Precipice (we got some cool shit there), there are no rep requirements, no obligations, (unless you raid with us) simply a place to relax.

Our website is found over here at www.upoi.xyz it has pretty much everything you need to know about our guild, please check it out when you can! Here is just some quick info for you:


  • We hold weekly Guild Missions where we use Teamspeak which is somewhat mandatory as we have such a large group, often we will wait for late comers and then that one guy not on Teamspeak starts the event.
  • We also have a weekly event time at 4pm AEST Sunday (Or 11am server time GMT +0). We alternate between some achievement event, hero point runs, jumping puzzle challenge and the like.
  • The guild has multiple people that run daily fractals or are willing to teach them.


  • POI is not a specific “Raiding guild” we are a PvE guild that takes raiding seriously, we have many static progression teams full of fun people, all running at different times during the week.
  • We are not a raid LFG do not join us expecting full clears.


  • We're not a strong PvP guild however we are on the lookout for people looking to make a static PvP guild team.
  • For WvW we have officially moved to Isle of Janthir where we have set up a team and hold 2 runs per week on Wednesday and Sunday nights (AEST), for more information ask one of the leaders in our telegram group.

Recruitment info

If you're interested in joining the POI community

  • We recommend that you visit our website at www.upoi.xyz (where we have lots of information and is pretty good for a guild site)
  • Download the Telegram app (because most of us work and have IRL commitments, so telegram is mandatory for all guild members)
  • Contact any of the people below, get invited and have fun!

[TELEGRAM Website and Download Links] (https://telegram.org/) and is available on Desktop / iPhone / Android

  • @Fillt
  • @inxinnerator
  • @Kanyyy
  • @Liriope
  • @Rinalas
  • @Aurthorious
  • @ShortnCurly Original Reddit Poster / not often in game, but always on Reddit

If no one is online, send an in game mail or post below with your “accountname.1234”

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