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Looking for friends! ^^

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Hello everyone! I'm creating this post in hopes to meet new people & make lots of friends! :)

A little bit about myself; I've started playing Guild Wars 2 (EU servers) a few months after it was created, I played for around a year and a half, and then I took a super long break (about 5-6 years) because some of my good friends lost interest in the game. I started playing again about 2 months ago, because I remember it being super fun back when I played, I had quite a lot of friends and I was part of a very active and positive guild, it was amazing! :) Some of the things I enjoy doing are; tier 4 fractals (I've never tried CMs though, but I'd love to give those a try eventually!), open world stuff (meta/world completion), achievement point hunting (even though I don't have too many achievement points :P), I really enjoy PvP as well, but I usually only really do that if someone wants to do it with me. I enjoy pretty much anything, as long as I'm doing it with a friend, it's always fun! :P

If you're in the same shoes as me or if you'd simply like to play the game together and maybe have a little chat, then feel free to message me! I'm always very happy to talk to people and become friends! :) It doesn't matter whether you're a very active (or not-so-active) player, a veteran or a new player, so you don't have to worry about that! ^^

To contact me, you can leave a message here on this forum post, message/mail me in-game or message me on Discord (Ely#7783) if you prefer that. :)

I hope to see you soon! ^^

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