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Human Female Idles... when?

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Since some people mentioned on a different thread I felt like I should share some light on the issue again under its proper bug-discussion page with a few changes.

I've been researching about this very same topic since 2015, and have tried to sow my voice and unhappiness regarding this matter ever since.

When Season 2 arrived, it provided an ordeal of dramatic and intense moments, especially the one where that x character died in Fort Salma. Even though Marjory and Kasmeer had their own set of unique animations to use during that scene, a few people felt like their immersion was broken because their human females look too bored. Please keep in mind that a few players decided it would be best to jump on top of the corpse and do goofy things.... and that sylvari and asura would look around and look bored as well. Nothing was done regarding that either. There were also complaints stating that these same animations were sexist. I don't think they've looked at a large amount of revealing skins and outfits. I should also note that this was struck by a small group of people. THe majority of players had no issues with these animations and actually welcomed variety for their characters.

And around that time a huge thread was created in the old forums where even some moderators took action. It was stated by a developer that the removal of said idles was a bug and deemed temporary. We were promised updates on the matter... and two years later nothing happened. The players were left in the dark, and people still tried to bump the thread. But then a moderator decided to lock the thread for n apparent reason, making it impossible for others to see it.

This very same topic was discussed on Reddit several times. People still want these animations back. Having our characters flip their hair over and over again gets old pretty fast... it doesn't help that the norn females do the exact same thing, making the both races look similar in more ways than one. And in a Reddit post, I remember reading a quote from another moderator. He also stated that those animations were lore-breaking because our characters were "kicking dust while dragons brought hell to the skies" or something like that... while ignoring the very same reasons I previously mentioned above.

Then why don't they remove jiggle physics? I'm sure that's sexist since breasts don't jiggle like water balloons.... Why not remove all idles since the logic presented behind the removal of these makes no sense as well?

This is honestly absurd. Not only did they remove such an integral aspect of the game that provided more character and emotion to our toons, they also decided to leave their fanbase in the dark and dust the issues under a rug like nothing. Don't they understand that someone spent their time animating these? That it cost ArenaNet and NCSoft money?

Just bring them back. We have waited three years by now.

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