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Old player LFGuild on Yak's Bend -- [PVE][WvW][Fractals]


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Old in both senses and female which probably makes me the vanguard of the grrl gamers (I've been working on the internet since 1982, as a clue). I gave up on GW2 in 2015 because of the jumping and swooping -- I was recovering from a super bad stroke, got rear ended by a drunk. I forgot how much I love this game. Been back a week or so, and (re)learning a lot.

Happy to say, I can now do maybe not the worst jumping puzzles but the everyday stuff. I have been there, done that on my main, and have several lvl 80s (mostly pretty raw), and a set of grandmaster (or within 25 of it) crafters. I play well with others although I still suffer from some lack of situational awareness from the stroke. I would prefer a mature guild, and mature language is fine, but abuse and mean people is not something I come to game to deal with. Former guild officer, (starting 20 years ago in EQ) not interested in being an officer, but I can be helpful. I suck at PVP, due to that situational awareness thing but I'm not afraid to die a lot -- got no twitch left.

Retired/disabled govt contractor, boomer, military friendly (Army mom), liberal/LGBT* friendly but used to STFU in guild chat as appropriate.

OMG, I have a bit of catch-up to do after 5 years gone, lol...

What I do have is lots of time. Let's spend it together.

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Heya just wanted to say that I admire your strength to keep on after that string of issues! Even if you aren't interested in the guild I am about to plug, feel free to hit me up if you need any advice or help with the content. We do have a small guild called PGN and are usually on most nights. The people here are probably some of the friendliest I've met in a game and have taught me quite a bit, think you'd be a good fit. I know you are getting back so you may not have a game play focus yet, but we are all over the place in game styles so come by and chat with us, message dhayes#8555 for the discord invite. If ya like it, stick around if not no worries!

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I know of at least two guilds that would be ideal for you: RISE (Reborn of Embers) and JUGs (Just Us Grown Ups). I'm in both of them and I also am suffering from that hangover that you get with having a stroke. Myself, I lost the complete use of my right hand and lost more than 50% of everything else on my right side. I don't know about you, but it is maddening!!!

Anyway, you can apply at either one of their websites. https://www.rebornofembers.com/ for RISE and http://jugs-guild.com/ for JUGs.

Whatever you do, I wish you continued improvement!

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