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Domain of Kourna Map Events Stuck for Last 8+ Hours

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One of the "protect the allied saboteur while he reprograms the Awakened Inquest cannon" events is broken, the one south of Apizmic Grounds Waypoint. It's preventing the meta event cycle and irritating a lot of players. Several attempts at unsticking the event have been tried throughout the day, e.g. finding monsters stuck inside the terrain etc. Even the VM farm train coming through wasn't able to force a new overflow map or unbug the existing mess.

/ip says

Hopefully this problem can be resolved soon.

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This is the second post about this issue that I can see on the forums now. The first time I noticed it was around 10:30 am pst on Sunday. It has now gone thru 2 daily resets so the issue goes deeper then this. I also wish for a fix as it is now the very last item I need to complete both the map completion and the beetle.

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