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[EU][PvE - HoT raids full clear-PoF raids training] Zeroboros looking for members

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Greetings :) Zeroboros guild [ZBR] is a newly founded small-sized guild & we're looking for friendly players to fill in at least a little more than a raid squad's size (slightly over 10 but staying small-sized) in order to get started in raids (in our case, HoT's ones for now).We expect you to know at least the bosses' mechanics, as we don't necessarily ask you to have any experience yet.We just have a few requirements you have to respect for you to join:

  • Being friendly, mature & respectful.
  • Meta-obsessed/submitted, sectarian players aren't welcome (including those who want to impose their meta-build or specific specialization on others).
  • We don't care about your kp, anyone who wants to get started & want to learn can join.As long as you have a kit & gears that fit the squad's needs depending on your role, we don't force you into playing a specific specialization.If you need help for that, we can help you in widening your knowledge :)

We got a Discord server for our guild, & to contact us in-game, you can send an in-game mail to me (Thel.9087)

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We're still looking for the following roles for our raiding guild:

  • 1 Chrono tank (sub spot)
  • 1-2 Condis DPS
  • 1 Pusher (Soulless Horror; Sub spot/2nd)

Preferably a Druid for pusher, but Berserker & Holosmith (with traited Ram) are also welcome.For more details, send an in-game mail to me: Thel.9087

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