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Overall game account disaster

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Hello there.

A couple of friends started playing the game recently and I decided to download it again and play with them in the earlier stages. Somewhat of a mentor to the game. But from there on it's beeing a rollercoaster of problems.

First my cellphone was stolen last week, which is preventing me to access the game, unlink the authenticator from the game account and even reseting my password.Why would I want to reset my password? Because to submit a ticket I need to login to the support page, and despite loggin in normaly in the main game page, and even in the client, I keep receiving a message error of "incorret email/password combination".When requesting a password reset from the support page, no e-mail is being received at all - double checked spam, trash and other tabs.I sent a tweet for both the official game and Rubi's profiles, but I don't think they are much active to solve my problem.

I do have all the account information necessary to submit a ticket, I just need help. Please.

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Make a free to play account while sorting out your main account issues.

It makes you more in touch with your fellow friends too, since you'll be able to experience the game in the same way they are. Then once they've a footing, and you've sorted out your main account issues, you can switch.

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