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Server choice and non OP class?

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Hi. Have played in the past but only to level 20 or so. Want to give this game another go. Couldn't get into it in the past but really want to give it a good try.

  1. Wondering if there is one server or another better for a noob...also if there is an unofficial RP server? Don't care about the wvw ranking, just concerned about a friendly community.

  2. Also, trying to decide what to class to play. Want to avoid OP or fotm classes. I played engineer in the past, but would like to try something different. Which classes do you see least in day to day playing? I've seen the census numbers but have read they are skewed because they don't account for toons that are made but barely played.

In short, looking for x classes are OP and everywhere....here is what I rarely see or see less of.

Thanks much for any help and guidance.

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Don't worry too much about your server - everyone plays on a central "mega-server". Your server choice only matters when it comes to WvW, which you stated you don't care about your ranking. So feel free to chose whatever.

I see warriors less and less each day. I'm having a ton of fun in PVE with a power based Spellbreaker running dagger/dagger. It might not be optimal, but it's fun. Engies don't seem too plentiful and neither do thiefs. I'm loving holosmith sword/shield and deadeye pistol/pistol. All the other classes seem to have decent representation. Especially Necro Scourges, Guardian Firebrands, and Ele Weavers.

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