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Mesmer Mirror Blade - no longer is a Projectile Finisher since Feb 25th. Bug or intended?

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Hi Anet,I've made mention of this in the Mesmer forums but thought to put it here instead as this might be a bug... ?The patch notes of Feb 25th cover all things changed in Mirror Blade - except that it lost its Blast Finisher.Was this intentional or is it a bug that made its way into the change? The tooltip no longer shows its Blast Finisher and I tested it on a couple of toons... the Blast in various mesmer fields is no longer present.

Any chance this can come back? Or if it was removed, can we have a note why?I really liked the Blast Finisher while fighting against fast and dense mobs like those in the T2+ Fractals or PoF/HoT.

Thanks :smiley:

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