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Discussion on Barrier and where it could fit on Engineer


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So with the recent AMA on Reddit (Link here) They stated they are looking into barrier being put on some other classes. So where do you think Barrier would work well for engineer? Direct link to barrier answer here.

  • I'm thinking if Med Kit gets another rework (shooting for the stars there) barrier could make an appearance considering its a support related mechanic
  • The shield CD trait in Inventions could also be a good fit, apply barrier on using a shield skill rather than protection
  • Possible Elixir Gun as well, though EG is pretty loaded atm already with effects (cleanses/boons etc) but it could be possible
  • Maybe in an Elixir or something too

What do you all think?

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Other engineer skills and traits that could be considered for getting Barrier:

  • Magnetic Inversion - It could give a bit of barrier for each projectile it reflected, up to 10.
  • A.E.D. - It could heal a bit more with no fatal damage, and less with fatal damage, but in exchange give a large barrier with fatal damage.
  • Bunker Down - The bandages from this skill could give a bit of barrier.
  • Defense Field (Bulwark Gyro) - It could pulse barrier to allies in the area while the Dome is up.
  • Advanced Turrets - The reflecting domes could pulse barrier to allies within them.
  • Power Wrench - It could gives barrier to turrets if they are already at full health. Barrier given to turrets this way would not decay.

I would also generally try to replace as many skills that cause invulnerability or immunity to damage like Elixir S and Obsidian Flesh with massive barriers that last a a bit longer than the invulnerability they replace, at least for PvP and WvW.The idea is removing as many skills that prevent objective capture as possible.

I consider Med Kit a special case that need an more drastic rework. It is both ineffective and boring. Here's how I think it could be saved.

  • Med Blaster should be changed from a small cone of heal that one has to constantly spam to a healing beam that links the engineer and the ally (similar to the beams that link you to your dream allies during hearts and minds).
    • This "Healing Beam" would work with a 2-skill sequence. The first skill is used while targeting an ally to lock them as the target and flips over to the second skill, and the second skill cancels the beam.
    • While the beam is on, the engineer is free to use their other skills without interrupting them beam.
    • The beam would end by unequipping the kit, using the toggle off skill, moving too far from the target, or being disabled.
      • When interrupting the beam by unequipping the kit or with the toggle off skill, there will only be a 1 recharge to use it again, but when interrupted by moving too far or when disabled, the recharge would increase to 6 seconds.
      • I'd give the beam something between 600 and 900 unit range, so the engineer has to stay somewhat close to the target, but not too much.
    • As this beam will only be able to heal 1 ally at a time instead spamming heals to 5 allies in front of the engineer, the healing can be increased considerably to compensate it. Something like 300 base healing + 0.3% of the target's HP per pulse, pulsing about 3 times per second. The healing power coefficient could also be much greater.
    • When traited with Health Insurance, having an ally locked would give 2 different new effects instead 33% healing to allies:
      • The engineer will gain any speed boosts applied on the target regardless of the source (effects, signets, traits, e), allowing them to always follow the target as long as they don't get snared.
      • The beam will gain the ability to 'Overheal', giving Barrier instead healing if the target is already at 100% HP.
    • The 33% healing output effect could be moved to Stimulant Supplier instead, reduced to something like 20%. And it would not affect the barrier given.
  • The thrown items should have their effects improved but in exchange their cooldowns would be increased by at least 5 seconds.
    • They would be able to affect up to 5 allies each.
    • They will become ground-targeted skills with a 120 unit radius.
    • They would affect allies directly if they were in the area, and they would create the items players can pick only if they didn't hit 5 allies, creating 1 for each remaining hit not spent.
    • Each of the thrown items will also remove certain conditions. Maybe when traited with Health Insurance, or simply always:
      • Throw Bandages will always remove bleeding and burning.
      • Throw Stimulant will always remove slow and chilled.
      • Throw Accelerant will always remove crippled and immobilize.
      • Throw Antidote will always remove Poison and Confusion.

So basically it'll be a bit like the Team Fortress 2 medic, but not healing that much, and requiring a trait to overheal, but still freeing the engineer to use the other skills of the kit, toolbelt and utility skills without cancelling the heal, and leaving counterplay for enemies. These chances will also turn a healing beam engineer into a priority target. No upsides without downsides.

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