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engi is in meta again 2 build here


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after patch i was lost and came here to find a new build for my engi and didnt find anyting even some ppl say engi is garbage.So by myself all week i was finding a decent build .holo and scrapper convert condi into boons the difference is holo is more a duelsit and better against direct damage but u can overheat and cannot rez ppl.Scrapper is not a duelsit is better a healer and can rez ppl.

holo is better for direct damage.scrapper not resist very well direct damage as holo.Holo is more to carry and scrapper to support.Personally i prefer scrapper because of rez against necro and firebrand condi, but against ranger or revenant full power i prefer holo.




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Your holo build is just a modified prot holo.

The scrapper build doesn't look half bad, but some of the trait choices are questionable. Alchemy doesn't fit particularly well -- inventions would suit you better. I made some changes which I'll link here. You also don't have any stunbreaks, which will make you an unhappy camper.


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