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[Ideas] Golden Commander Tag & Display Dummies for Outfits

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Here are the 2 ideas :

1. The devs can add a Display Dummies in the Home instances or in the world (also as minis to follow you, but they clothes will be from your collection that you unlocked with achievements or from the shop).At least 1 dummy for free per account. The minis could be entirely paid from the shop.

2. The new type of Commander tags - golden with wings around them.The types : PVP , WvW, PVE . Unlocked only with achievements (a lot of achievements!) and some gold (less than 300, but you must first unlock the normal Commander tag).The acievements are mandatory. The players must prove, that he has all the knowledge needed to be a Leader. Not only to buy some icon with the cash shop and go around doing nothing. It's frustrating to see 10 commander icons and not to know if they mean something.

Pls, comment this post to make it vissible to the devs.

Best wishes.

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